Justin Bieber Japanese Student Support

Bieber supporting Japanese students at U.S. ambassador’s residence in Tokyo.

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  • Justin’s Girlfriend.

    Justin ! what about us ?

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    Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too awesome. http://www.justbie.com like this.

  • Anonymous

    this boy is so amazing <3
    and btw the last one is in taiwan not japan ;) just sayinnnn

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    LisaWonders said:
    Once the new hit boy comes along and selena tries to get him

  • Disco.Is.Dead
  • Disco.Is.Dead
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    i love this boy <3

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  • Disco.Is.Dead

    yess justin <33

  • LisaWonders

    He looked SOO much cuter with Jasmine Villegas, and it seemed they had much more in common, with her being from norcal they have the same r&b and pop influence, and just looked cuter together!! Once the new hit boy comes along and selena tries to get him, I have a feeling Justin will go back to Jasmine, question is, will she take his sorry ass

  • Anonymous

    Justin has such a big heart. It is very nice and respectful of him to go to Japan, meet kids like these, who have been badly affected by the earthquake, and try to put a smile on their faces. I have read that many other artists cancelled their concerts in Japan because they were too scared and worried about their own safety. Even a lot of Justin’s crew first said NO to going to Japan…BUT Justin and Scooter told them they had to go, they didn’d care if their crew came along or not, they were still going to go and support Japan and try to put a smile on the fans faces.

    ^^^ This is why I respect him SO much. He is young, will make mistakes, be rude, have bad days just like US…but he is truly a good person. One of a kind artist, who not only makes great music…but also changes people lives. <3