Credit: @BOPandTigerBeat.

  • sayhellotogoodbye

    She’s so preeeetty. (:

  • LisaWonders

    no one talks about the disney stars that either

    a) aren’t going through major personal issues
    b) aren’t dating someone for fame *cough* selena
    c) aren’t being inappropriate with clothing

  • Anonymous

    she needs to stop so hard looking cute .
    just act natural debby your beautiful the way you are

  • MariahJessica

    honestly i am not a fan of her AT ALL ,
    but these pictures are so cute & i love the dress,
    but she really needs to stop trying so hard.

  • Anonymous

    She is really unique for Disney channel. She seems to be really intelligent, creative and beautiful. From the articles I have read she seems to have her head on straight. We will see.

  • jon

    I have known Debby for a long time and she is kind and sweet and not fake about anything she is not mean or she does not think she is better then her fans they are her life and she thanks them every chance she gets God Bless you Debby stay sweet we need more like you in the business.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great. I really don’t get it. How can people say she needs to “stop trying so hard”. How many of use have done so many photo shoots for national and international magazines and TV? Some of it could be the directions she is given by the director or photographer to capture their vision.
    None of us knows how hard she is trying or how much is natural. Maybe some people have a hard time accepting who she really is and how she really is ’cause they don’t have people in their lives that are truly this nice, or sweet, or cute, or successful, or forgiving, or loving , or encouraging of others, or accepting of others who are different, etc. Maybe she really is like that. Other people comment that they believe she is really like that. Some of those people were quoted that they met her or worked with her, or knew her personally and that she really is like that. I don’t know many people like Debby Ryan, but i wanna believe they exist. Then again, I don’t know anyone in high school that is so successful like an olympic athlete or owns their own company, or is going to the NBA right after graduation, or getting a college degree at 18 years old, or an invention patent. But I have seen them on TV news.