So Random! New Promos

  • Anonymous
  • jilti

    I’ll Give It a Chance for Tiffany

  • ImNotAnnoying


  • jonascontrolme

    is not the same without demi

  • Anonymous21

    I’ll watch it for Sterling and Tiffany. For some reason I was waiting for Tawni and Chad to hook up.. I have no idea why.

  • Anonymous

    IM REEEEBA! i have no idea but that made me want to watch it.

  • TeamLove

    Hold up!!!! Demi is not on it anymore? Da fuck?

  • Anonymous

    seriously am i from NARNIA that i can’t watch this stupid video i’m from Puerto Rico u have got to be kidding me!!! o_O

  • Anonymous

    the new cast members suck!

  • Anonymous

    sterling/chad is the only good part of this show! they better focus on him the most!

  • 67g7

    I dont care of Demi isnt there I hate her (;

  • pollanswer

    are ya crazyy ??

  • Nileyup

    This show is going downhill, Without Demi it wont be as successful.


    i will still watch it no it wont be the same without demi but i when sonny with a chance first came on i became fans of all the guys so i will watch it i can’t wait to see it

  • Disco.Is.Dead

    whenever someone write SWAC… I think of SWAG. hahah

  • AmandaDS07

    I go to the live tapings. It’s actually pretty funny! plus, new cast members! Shane, Grace, Damien, and Audry!

  • Anonymous

    its so fucking weird without demi

  • Anonymous
  • ilovepeacock2

    I never watched this really, but now I definitely won’t without Demi.

  • Ddlovato fan!

    i don’t think its gonna be worth watching without Demi…
    but whatever its all good!

  • BBV

    I kept up with SWAC, and even though Demi made the show, I think I’ll give this a chance. ~No pun intended.~
    I really want to see how they write the character of Sonny out of the show..

  • Sarcasm

    I want mac ‘n’ cheese now.

  • Anonymous

    for me is like nickelodeons all that. i miss that show. only good about this sterling knight