Victoria Justice Best Friend’s Brother New

  • Anonymous

    i love victoria but this song isn’t good… but she’s such a sweetheart like really. (i met her) you CAN’T hate her.

  • Kara

    Thanks for the post. I like it. The song is very good. y the way, I recommend you todownload songs from Quality is very good.

  • Anonymous

    She’s awesome!
    Ariana sings back-up btw. Oh and Victoria doesn’t write the script so stop the hate :|

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  • JustxLeex

    She sounds amazing & i love the song.
    end of the story.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like a rip of of pink’s u + ur head song

  • Anonymous

    oh my god, she really has some awful songs…

  • Anonymous
  • milenator

    dont like it :|

  • Anonymous

    I agree :) I hope all of them do a song together!

  • BabyGirlHere

    I want to hear Liz / Ariana sing more why is always victoria? I know it’s her show but it started getting annoying how here character Tori always saves the day and gets everthing can’t she lose for once. I actually felt bad for Jade in the last week episode. I love victoria but she is singing TOO MUCH they need to balance it out give somebody else a chance to sing. Oh and they need another Cat Rap

  • Anonymous

    i auditioned for this music video! best of luck to victoria :) follow me on twitter @ceballosmisfit

  • Anonymous

    Heehee…im in lov with my bffs brother and im obsessed with this song!

  • Anonymous

    ariana sings backup