GOODBYE Wizards Of Waverly Place!

  • Anonymous

    Good ridance ^.^

  • Niley_Bang_That_Drum


  • Flopi

    LOL, they’re so funny ? . Goodbye :( , now disney is a shit .

  • island.B

    my fave

  • CuTeMuSic

    wth? whats the pointing for??

    anyways, amma miss this show too.

  • Anonymous

    good bye to the best disney show!!!

  • Anonymous

    im gonna miss wowp!

  • Anonymous

    selenas looks adorable and soo pretty ;)

  • BieberWasLikeOh

    pump up the jam , pump it!

  • diva752

    i love wizards of waverly place

  • Anonymous

    aw :(

  • Anonymous

    brb sobbing

  • Chinh

    I watched the first program in the Disney Channel program is WOWP and the final program here is WOWP

  • Nadz___

    Anonymous said:
    brb sobbing
    Me 2 :'( I didn’t realise they made such a big deal. No Miley, no Demi, no Selena!!!! Won’t be the same.

  • Anonymous

    brb sobbing

    aww so sad :(