Nat & Alex Wolff MAYBE New Single

From their upcoming album ‘Black Sheep’.

  • Anonous

    Hey u r all cool

  • view2001
  • Anonymous

    well I love them… so they are relevant ^

  • WakaWakaEhEh

    lost in the world of irrelevance.

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck are they? 0.o

  • Anonymous

    LMAOOO. I forgot about them. xD

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  • Anonymous21

    off key sometimes, but yay for the naked bros band. lol relevant to some irrelevant to the majority.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow… dude cannot sing, can he…

  • Anonymous

    oh man. and i think nick jonas can’t sing … well this is REALLY terrible

  • Riddikulus

    Um,..i had a celeb crush ON THAT GUY?