Charice LOUDER Lyric Video

  • Anonymous

    waste of time

  • Anonymous

    OH fuck people who think that her sound isn’t great, she’s the best singer in the world
    she sang with celine, i say all, and when she was eleven years she sang like a woman, fuck disney stars, go CHARICE
    pure talent

    love NICK and Charice

  • Anonymous

    uhhhmmm who is she..? people think she’s a great singer but i don’t see that she only knows how to scream in tune…lol

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  • Fly N Dance

    this will be a hit for charice!!!

  • Anonymous

    She’s a great singer. the best singer rather. better than selena.

  • Anonymous

    you don’t know her? then you’re not watching glee, do you? HOW STUPID. If you think she’s not a great singer then how do you define selena gomez? miley cyrus? LOL.

  • NeverSayNever

    firsttt. :)

  • cam

    i love the lyrics but i don’t like charice sound