Justin Bieber Selena Gomez KISS ON E!

  • NicholasJonasBonus

    That kiss is so fake. It’s obvious their “relationship” is just PR and Justin isn’t even into girls.

  • Anonymous

    i agreee !! i don’t feel this ” fake” couple -_-

  • Anonymous


  • breeze

    I can’t get enough of Jelena <3 And Beyonce is awesome too.

  • Anonymous

    im tired of this shit but jelena is so cute

  • notfake!

    i think its not fake. and people like you little girls who are saying its fake..you are just saying it because youre soooo jealous and so in love with bieber-.- but girls live with it,he will never love one of you. he will have girlfriends and one of them is selena. and she is wonderful and beautiful and sweet and cute and nice and and and:) bieber should be happy to have her. she deserves so much more..

  • NeverSayNever

    love them both.<3 twitter.com/Caitlin_Day