Raven Symone Twitter Pictures NEW


  • milenator


    and is that Lady gaga with her? lol

  • Anonymous

    papalovesbaby.tumblr.com :D

  • Anonymous

    can u make this post kinda alive

  • Anonymous

    she tries so hard to be sexy
    but if i were “fat” then lost that much weight i would do just the same thing and flunt my body ! but to myself not to the world

  • Psych-o.

    No, it’s not weird. I know what you mean. Like when she was on That’s So Raven, she showed that you don’t have to be stick-skinny to be beautiful.

  • Demiandmileylove

    She lost ALOT of weight … is it weird that i liked her better when she had more fat on her body ??

  • Anonymous

    i totally agree.. i like raven from ‘thats so raven’

  • Anonymous

    nice legs

  • Anonymous

    How is she “trying so hard”. Because of a couple of pics? She said herself that she likes the way she was before, because people weren’t liking her for the wrong reasons.

  • Anonymous

    she acts gross now. i love the old raven!!!

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