Debby Ryan Lucy Hale GRACIE Awards


Gracie Awards Gala arrivals @ Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. PR Photos.

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with all of you? She is stunning in this pic!

  • Anonymous


  • Ranii

    Thanks for the adress OU!

  • Anonymous

    She is so ugly

  • putlimeinthecoconut

    I cant with Debby Ryan, omg.

  • milenator

    She kinda looks like Demi o.O

    Lucy btw is stunning

  • putlimeinthecoconut

    Oh snap! firsttt ;3 even tho this is an irrelevent post rofl.

  • Anonymous

    she needs to change her style fast !

  • Anonymous

    the way Debby is acting its like she thinks shes miley effin cyrus

  • Anonymous

    Love this video from Debby .. <3

  • evanescence

    I see she looks like Demi. Always believed it.

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