Taylor Swift Talks Bullying And Loneliness

Many more enlightening clips under. Taylor is awesome!

  • gemma

    i <3 taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx she is soo inspirational xxxxxxxxx

  • NeverSayNever

    did you ever notice that some of the most beautiful and talented girls in hollywood today have been bullied? taylor, demi, miley, etc.

  • Anonymous

    where else can i watch these theyre not working??
    is it cos i dont live in america?

  • Anonymous

    shes such a sweetheart and shut the hell up if you say otherwise or get off if your not a fan

  • Anonymous

    Taylor sucks

  • Ranii

    Yes she is <3
    i love her :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Taylor is the bully and she still does it now. Everytime something doesn’t go her way she badmouths that person publicly. That’s bullying. She does it in her songs, in interviews etc. The better person takes the higher ground.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor IS awesome !!

  • Anonymous

    Love this girl. I want her life!

  • island.B

    awh Taylor <3