Bella Thorne, ‘I Am A Beach Girl!’

  • Anonymous


  • yoyo

    this bitch is trying way to hard to think shes just famous and fabulous when she is a NO BODY

  • Jory

    You?re the one with the brains here. I?m wtacnihg for your posts.

  • Anonymous

    Dude…Bella and Pia need to grow up and relax she is already a little slut at 13 wearing small bikinis and she is very loud disney 24/7

    zendaya is calm and real :]

    not being mean…but c’mon

  • jghjkkjhjkg


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  • Denim

    Ppl like you get all the barins. I just get to say thanks for he answer.

  • Monster27

    Hmm.. yay? I’m sorry ,but I’m going to be a Zendaya fan.

  • Tina

    yeahh a pale as paper beach girl lmfaoo!! get a tannn ;p

  • Anonymous

    This girl is SO annoying.

  • Kami

    uh whats wrong with someone whos 13 saying its bikini weather for the summer? and btw bella didnt even say that! and i think bella and zendaya r both great ppl!i dont see why ppl always feel the need to hate on bella when no one knos her in real life at all..

  • Jason

    Really???? Ryan you are a moron “OMG BIKINI WEATHER!” she didn’t even say that but your talking shit about her because of it?!?!?!?


  • Ryan

    I love Zendaya! She seems so real, sweet, and thankful to be where she is.

    I hate Bella. She seems stuck up, annoying, fake, and tries to act so old. “OMG BIKINI WEATHER!” dude, YOUR 13!

    i hope zendaya goes far and bella leaves haha

  • Anonymous

    she looks beautiful.

  • rue22

    lol no body gives a shit

  • Anonymous

    yes, you’re a bitch girl!

    oh sorry, I always switch that words on purpose, in the meanwhile automatically..

    ..that’s why I always order a “Sex on the Bitch” at nights out..

  • Jessie

    Love it she looks so cute

  • SmoochieCakes

    im sorry, but i want her to just go away

  • beachluvr

    she is sweet and down to earth :) i think she keeps it real and doesn’t care to be fake. i like that about her.

  • Anonymous

    Of course you’re a bitch girl :P !!!!! Nahh i’m just kidding , you’re a sweet girl :) <3

  • Anonymous

    oh my god bella please gtfo