Victoria Justice GOOD DAY LA MAY 30

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  • Anonymous

    she’s sweet and pretty. her acting and singing are so so though

  • Anonymous

    Victoria is great she is a wonderful actress and singer.

  • Anonymous

    She has nude photos you know and they’re good.

  • Didi

    She’s awesome and I know will be a HUGE star if thats what she wants……….. VICTORIA, I LUV YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AliaxVJ

    I love that interview.. haha, she has a cute laugh!

  • Anonymous

    Sucky actress. I bet she’s the worst Nick star their is. I bet in reality she’s a bad,bad girl. She hung around the spears girl who got knocked up so she’s proably been sleeping with guys for a long time and I bet she does drugs as well.I don’t care if she pretends to be good. I just know she’s secretly a lindsey lohan.

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  • Anonymous

    May 31, 2011 @ 11:45 am
    Anonymous said: she’s fantastic!


    STOP WITH THIS SHIT. Do you really spend your whole day posting your video all over OceanUP? This is pathetic and you need a BETTER GREENSCREEN.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    her stomach is as big as her leg. I don’t think that’s good for her health.

  • Anonymous
  • JustxLeex

    ^ no..i dont think so. Her sister is such a lilo but vic idk ^^

    & she’s way tooo beautiful :)

  • jassmine12

    she looks pretty decent in the pic. I like such ones.

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