Emma Watson Rocky Horror HOTTIE


Emma Watson rushed off the set while shooting a Rocky Horror Picture show scene for her upcoming movie ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower‘ on Tuesday in Dormont, Pennsylvania. Photos: Fame.

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  • Sundance

    Hhahaaha. I?m not too bright today. Great post!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE her

  • Untouchable

    cant wait for the movie..not complaining but i wonder why i never see some LL pics from the shoot

  • kattt.

    Perks of Being a Wallflower (all time favorite book) + Emma Watson (one of my favorite actresses) + Logan Lerman (hot and very sweet) = AMAZING!

  • Karcy

    You?ve got it in one. Couldn?t have put it btteer.

  • Anonymous

    Ezra looks so good as franken furter!

  • classy

    loooove emma :) role model!

  • MileyEqualsAwesome

    haha I love how that ladies like parting those two people so they can go through.
    But I love her!

  • Anonymous

    the first(? really… well i don’t like HP.

  • Anonymous

    the first(? really… well i don’t like HP.