Ashley Tisdale Grants Systic Fibrosis Wish


8-year-old Tamzin Truman from Devizes in Wiltshire has had her dearest wish to meet Ashley Tisdale granted by Starlight Children’s Foundation, UK’s leading wish granting charity for children with serious and terminal illnesses.

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  • gmike

    They are so nice
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  • Anonymous

    It is CYSTIC not SYSTIC. Not that you care, but honestly when the acronym is CF it shouldn’t be that hard to remember that cystic starts with the letter “C”.

  • back2december

    aww ashley is so nicee!
    she always does things like thesee

  • Zia Mert

    Ashley is so nice! <3

  • Anonymous

    Come on, OceanUp, can’t you even spell Cystic correctly??? Wow.

  • themilenator

    how presh =]

  • Anonymous

    it disease is called Cystic fibrosis…not systic fibrosis.
    the acronym is CF. cystic. fibrosis.

  • Anonymous

    CYSTIC FIBROSIS ! that showws how much you guys care or know about this horrific disease

  • anonymous

    wow oceanup, learn how to spell.