The hacked reportedly leaked these naked pictures of Blake Lively.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, you would think that celebrities have more important things to do—more glamorous things—than to take naked pictures of themselves in their bathrooms. Seems so pathetic to me; like the behavior of a 14 year old bimbo.

  • Anonymous

    So.. she has nude pics.. what is the big deal?? she’s from gossip girl, we can see her body n the show haha!! She’s an amazing actress, and i still love her.. !!
    Hackers sucks.. they don’t have a life!!
    Those pics shouldn’t be on the internet, they are personal things.

  • Anonymous

    its kind of dumb to do it in the first place, especially if you’re a celebrity. It WILL wind up on the internet for everyone to see. Its sad, cause those are personal.. but still like dont do it or at least delete your phone’s memory or something, idk.

  • Anonymous

    ewww its saggy like a grandma!!!@

  • SmoochieCakes

    i am in love with her collar bones

  • urluvismydrugg

    Lol they’re obviously her?
    Dumb that her reps said they weren’t.

    But whatever. It’ll blow over in a couple days, nobody will give a shit and it’ll be forgotten, fortunately for her.
    It’s a shame people can’t move on from a certain someone else’s pics… /:
    Get the fck over it Hollywood. If you don’t want to see them don’t hack their shit!

  • HiiiDayurrr

    Ooooh no. -_-

  • Sunshine n Lolipops

    If you click a naked picture on a digital device don’t be surprised if it gets around. She would be better off just saying yeah it was me, and I have nice boobs and butt – what about it? I still think the idea of taking naked pictures of yourself is equal parts insecure and vain…

  • Sunshine n Lolipops

    And HACKERS SUCK… it is an invasion of privacy

  • Anonymous

    Her reps messed up by even trying to act like they were fake. Just say they were stolen like everyone else, and play the victim card of ‘blah blah violation of privacy’ like everyone else.

  • ImNotAnnoying

    Her cleave looks like an ass.

  • dilemma

    ImNotAnnoying said:

    Her cleave looks like an ass


    HAHAHAHAHAAHAH xD nice one

  • Anonymous
  • omg wtf lolz

    I still want her body at her age!

  • DemiForPresident

    Sucks for her.