Brandon Mychal Smith Talk So Random!


  • Anonymous

    I love her so much but it worries me that she’s backnto to her running tweets. I mean it’s okay to do sports and stuff but it’s not very healthy to tweet about it all the time…

  • Anonymous

    *back to

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  • urluvismydrugg

    wait…running 3.5 mies is “getting back into running” for her? O.o

  • Anonymous

    ygh her effing tweets abour exercise are annoyin i unfollowed and still have to see them here
    please demi i love you bbut im tired of hearing about food and exercise ugh
    if u want people to think youre better stop obssessing over it

  • mysticalwonders

    I guess this might be alright… not overly excited for it though, sonny with a chance was freaking awesome, but I dunno

  • memi trumps sel

    it worries me that she is running 3.5 miles already.

  • Sarah

    no offence dude, but you dont have everything you had before. 1 you dont have DEMI. 2 the previews are not even funny. 3 this show is going to Fail.

  • Fruty2D

    I guess I’ll watch it….

  • Anonymous

    say what you want but to me he’s extremely hot and he kinda looks like Chance from Real Chance of love.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody is gonna watch that shot. Btw Brandon is hot, he should tweet some noodz!

  • urluvismydrugg

    I don’t see So Random doing so hot.
    the only good thing about it will be Mr. Sterling Knight.

  • urluvismydrugg

    I almost forgot how incredibly ANNOYING Demi is on twitter. damn girl.