Zendaya Swag It Out LIVE Performance

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Zendaya is a fat little untalented half baked black fucking bitch. She should really shut the fuck up and stop singing before she kills someone. She needs to go back to the ghetto where her black fat ass belongs. Fuck her fuck her mother and her ugly black ass fucking fuck head father. She needs to go back to the zoo disney picked her up at.

  • Anonymous

    I think zendaya has such and UGLY face! and she SUCKS at sining!

  • lisa

    she Does has a really ugly face! hahah i just noticed that! and she’s not the best singer

  • Annabel

    I agree with lisa her face is pretty gross:)

  • josh

    Yur right she does has A REALY UGLY FACE! i hate zendaya! i was in a modeling commercail with her

  • ella

    WOW! SHE SUCKS! :((((

  • johnathon

    i think she has a good body BUT SUPPER UGLY FACE!

  • Anonymous

    The song is pretty bad….but aren’t Selena , Justin and the Jonas Brothers (at first)’s songs bad? She sings well, if she had a decent song some people might change their minds. Right now Bella’s the only one that doesn’t sing,lol.

  • Anonymous

    wow, from what i can tell, that was really bad… but i mean, look up the actual studio sung song… it’s pretty cute!

  • hotbody

    How the heck you can tell she can sing or not people? At all, she has back vocals and the quality sucks. We gotta wait until we have decent quality video from her (singing alone w/a the back vocaling) and then to judge. :)

    + She’s dancing.

  • ParaMonster

    Awful. Not ALL Disney girls need to sing. Get it through your head, DISNEY!

  • Anonymous

    She sucks

  • ParaMonster

    Cool, got 1st comment.

  • Anonymous

    cute…..but couldn’t rlly hear her but she’s way better than Bella! Plus y didn’t she dance?

  • Noo_Idea

    the video has very bad quality, so you can’t say if she’s good or not

  • Anonymous

    She sucks. The song just repeats the same thing over and over. Ugh, Disney get it through your head! Not ever disney star needs to sing!

    I understand that when you audition for disney, you have to sing so they can get you to be a singer/actor but not everybody needs to put out songs/album.