Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Killing Curse

  • zoo01jn

    i am so exited to watch it i have seen it trailer online looks awesome

  • Monster27

    Oh snap.. *heart attack*

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  • HarryFreakinPotter

    excuse me while i die

  • xoxolovebug

    I freaked a little (okay, a lot) watching this. I’m not even going to be able handle watching the whole movie. =( <3

  • bleach


  • Sahina

    oh wow.


    yet sad to see the end of the films.

  • MileyDemiJoBros

    can’t fucking wait <3

  • WakaWakaEhEh

    Molly Weasley is my favorite in this book xD

  • Anonymous

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh so fucking excited :D

  • justsayin

    love itt.

  • adorkabledanni

    i can’t even watch it. xD i want it to be a surprise.

  • SpreadYourWingsAndFlyAway

    Did you hear that?
    It was the sound of my breaking heart.

  • MileyEqualsAwesome

    I was spazzing when they showed this last night I cannot wait 39 days!!!