Kenan, ‘Miley Is A Very Talented Lady’

Kenan Thompson want Miley Cyrus back on SNL!

  • memi trumps sel

    that was beyond irritating to listen to lol. I could barely hear him. Not his fault though.

  • themilenator

    I loved Kenan and Kel!

    it’s awesome that he worked with Miley :]

  • LovatoLoveXO

    I love him, he’s so funny.

  • Ranii

    Kenan and Kel was da shit.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, the old Nick days. Not only are the old Disney shows better than the new ones, the same can be said bout Nick’s shows. I miss All That , Zoey 101, and Kenan and Kel.

  • MileyEqualsAwesome

    I miss Kenan and Kel

  • Sahina

    Kenan and Kel should both be on SNL!!

  • Anonymous

    she should go back on snl, she was good

  • Anonymous

    we know that miley is very talented girl,.

  • Anonymous

    yay kenan i miss you man

  • Kiss Me or Kill Me