Nick Jonas leaving his hotel in Manhattan hotel for Quaker Chewy launch.

UPDATED details HERE on how to enter!

  • tessaskylar

    i love how he switched ties. XD silly filming peoples

  • Shamilah

    Nick looks soooo GOOD! i prefer how he’s got his done, looks a lot better! Kinda like joe now ;) Great i missed the chat :(

  • Anonymous

    I meant *Hair done :)

  • Anonymous

    Needs the hair, it took about an inch off his height.

  • Anonymous

    He still looks very cute. Just small/cute.

  • Anonymous

    he look so beutiful love u nick

  • Anonymous

    We’ll probably be seeing some interesting do’s on our boy this summer because he’ll be in “Hairspray” this Aug. Maybe that’s why he’s sporting those sexy side burns. He’s hot! Can’t wait to see him then!

  • Anonymous

    damn! he looks fine! i luv him curls or no curls! hopefully he does not go bald…then i have a problem with that! lol

  • Monster27

    He looks more like a politician. Hmm..Any Future plans for the US government Nick? Oh and 9+9=18! Yay me. All of lessons from my math classes can finally be used..on OceanUP.

  • syu46

    he so cute!!and he nice to people!!!auu

  • Anonymous

    Hotness monster!!!! And to the girl that said he is looking less attractive… GFTO and masturbate to jelena pics

  • Anonymous

    Nicks curls are still there. hes jewish lol they will always be there, he just got a haircut.

  • Anonymous

    I miss his beautiful curly hair… Now it’s all gone :( *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    Nick I love you baby, but this haircut is not good for you!!! Sorry

  • JoeHoe15
  • Anonymous

    Heeey… Isn’t that his purity ring ON HIS PANTS? :P Lol.

  • Justice

    I hope you know he can grow his hair back out right?

  • Anonymous


  • xGottaLoveOU?

    Well his beautiful lushly curls went bye bye. LOL, he looks good now :) & less attractive?! On what planet?!

  • Anonymous

    nick is loooking less atttractive idk …

  • Anonymous

    He’s so small.

  • rdghdret

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  • oceanUP

    it seems like Joe’s hairdresser is cutting Nick’s hair now :(

  • Anonymous

    I thought he looked great! There are some really hot photos of him from today.

  • bed bath and beyond coupons

    damn didn’t notice that. I’m sure did not as well… lol

  • MissSarah

    the girls tit is touching nicks stomach LMFAO

  • Belle

    less attractive?! hell no, he is looking manly and like a stud.

  • Anonymous