Patrick Schwarzenegger Out To Lunch


Patrick Schwarzenegger having lunch with Daddy Arnold in Beverly Hills. INF.

  • Anonymous

    oceanup can post about whoever they want, so shut the hell up ilovepeacock2! are you the one running the site? so shut up! u people are so ignorant.


    love him!

  • Anonymous

    i find him so cute.

  • Anonymous

    his deep voice is cute.

  • Anonymous

    He is soooooooooooooo cute. :)

  • ilovepeacock2

    Are you seriouly going to keep posting about him just because he like Miley?

  • Anonymous

    To think he and Justin are the same age is mind blowing. Patrick looks hot and his age maybe a little older, Justin on the other hand looks about 13-15 and well in my humble opinion not hot, maybe pretty to some people, but he’s not my piece of cake.

  • Anonymous

    so hot

  • Anonymous

    haha oy

  • kattt.

    He. Is. So. Hot.

    Also, OU didn’t he change his last name to Shriver? You even posted about it, but you still call him Patrick Schwarzenegger…

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t change it legally (at least not yet), just on Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    He should change his name permanently to Shriver his douche bag Dad is a disgrace.
    Not only cheating on his wife but the woman stayed on in the house with his family!!!

  • femmefatale

    WHO CARES ABOUT PATRICK? He mentions miley once or twice and now he’s a fucking regular everytime i come on here.

  • realistgangsta

    who currrs i eat lunch too