Drake Bell A Reminder EP June 28 Debut


Drake Bell will digitally release his EP ‘A Reminder’, June 28

Tracklisting: Terrific, You’re Not Thinking, Big Shot & Speak My Mind.

  • Taylor

    What does the tattoo on his arm say??

  • ImNotAnnoying

    Can he stop? I mean he’s not going anywhere with this, and he can’t sing tbqh.

  • Niley_Bang_That_Drum

    The tattoo says “War is Over.” Dude I miss Drake and Josh!

  • Linda

    Y’all are stupid and he’s incredibly beutiful and talented :)

  • Youcantstopthisgirlfromfallingmoreinlovewithyou

    He can sing :) just not well. xD i think the only thing keeping his career alive is his looks :) but im kind of happy to hear he’s actually doing stuff. I miss drake and josh :'(

  • Anonymous

    it’s been like 2+ years and it’s just now being released and they wonder why people don’t buy em.

  • Anonymous

    His head is big for his body :/