What Nick Jonas Is Looking For In A Star

‘I think the qualities that I’m looking [for is] somebody that can really take the songs and make it their own. It’s gonna be interesting to see what kinds of video submissions we see and the talent we’re looking at. I’m excited, ’cause if we can find a young person who’s as passionate about music as I was then, we’ll be in..

..really good shape. I think for this particular competition, I have to keep it in the mind-set of young artists at this moment, so I’d say, like, somebody with the overall star power and star qualities of Willow Smith, with the artistry of a Greyson Chance, who is really talented, and then, I’m trying to think.

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking for Nick Jonas is my pants.

  • Nicki . Ninja

    Someone like meeeeeee! lol

  • Anonymous

    lovely boy

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  • tessaskylar

    I could probably do one video and sound totally awsome, like Diane Birch, and act unique and then once he meets me I’m like…uh…umm…hmm…music..not my thing. I can’t sing on pitch for my life

  • Anonymous

    how can u enter it?