Victoria J Best Friend’s Brother Rehearsal

  • Anonymous


  • AliaxVJ

    I want to learn the dance – so FUN!!
    I love her :{)
    And stop comparing her with Liz & Ari, they’re all talented & beautiful in they’re OWN way!

  • Monster27

    Looks like she’s having fun. lol First! HECK YEAAAH! x)

  • Anonymous

    I think Ariana & Liz are more far better than her

  • Taylor

    she’s so fricking gorgeous…..i love u victoria i can’t wait 4 more episodes of ur show!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    she’s beautifulll !

  • lizajean

    i love this dance! and she looks great… everyone does!

  • sam

    ahhh she is just naturally beautiful and talented, she really is. <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    this is so much fun!! I wish I could be dancing with herrr, we love you victoria!!

  • jessi

    victoria justice is absolutely gorgeous! i really want to learn this dance =)

  • Didi

    Liz’s character is so dark but she plays it well but Ariana’s character Cat is annoying just like her. Shes weird looking too. Victoria I love u and think u r amazing!!!!!!!! I cant wait 4 ur new movie.