Ariana Grande JUNE 12 LIVE CHAT

  • Fiona

    Ewwwwwww. Fake tans to the max!!!!!!

  • DemiWeSoGangsta

    She’s so full of herself.

  • disneyxo

    DemiWeSoGangsta said:
    She’s so full of herself.


    i agree.

  • johnlovesARI.G

    you haters are retarded, she does this for her fans, i dont see demi or selena or anyone else on disney or nick taking their time to ustream with their fans.
    ariana > all.

  • JustxLeex

    where the fuck are her eyes gone….

  • Jessica

    It was really sweet of her to come out and surprise her fans with a uStream. :)

    Unfortunately, people leave hurtful comments online to try and bring her down even though she was just trying to find a way to connect with her fans.

  • Anonymous

    oh my god how does a person become this fucking lame???

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous