Bella ‘Zendaya Has To Approve Boyfriends’


Credit: BOP! Magazine.

  • SaltyBubblegum

    That’s not curious at all.

  • Monster27

    Being 13 is a right of way. moving past the kids stuff but not going straight into sex and drugs as adults do. They should be finding out who they really want to be..not having sex and partying like crazy.. Respect should be earned not given out like candy..

  • Nicki Minaj

    i think zendaya is so much prettier than bella.

  • disneysaywhat

    from the post on twitter of her times out with boys..she is never alone with them. it’s always a bunch of boys and girls. everyone in my school likes someone and they date. it doesn’t mean having sex. how could you not get a crush? i have lots.

  • Anonymous

    there is nothing wrong with having a boyfriend at their age you guys are fucking dicks

  • Anonymous

    thats just stupid…if you like someone you dont let your bff chose

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think you guys get it. Im 13 and peple my age do stuff that 16 year olds are doing. You say act your age, but that’s how are age acts now. My friends are dating 16 year olds, and some of them have had sex (not saying that’s okay, it’s trashy). So instead of treating us like we’re six respect the fact that Bella is growing up and thrusting herself into adulthood and womanhood.

  • betterthenu

    well i love bella and boys and girls always have a bf or gf i have one and im 13!!! bella is sooo pretty and i luv her new song sooooo u go bella she can sing dance and act !!!!!!!!! TALENTED!!!

  • diane n.

    Isn’t she dating that boy from no ordinary family?

  • Anonymous

    Hey btw love your Logan Lermans picture. I cant wait for Three Musketeers and Perks of being a Wallflower :)

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck? She’s 13, she should be coloring, not looking for a boyfriend.

  • picstoburn

    Jun 18, 2011 @ 08:12 am
    Anonymous said:
    if bella can get one…

    bella is so pretty wth are you talking about.

  • Anonymous

    Bella is so skinny its not even funny, girl need to eeeeat

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    the red head girl has big slut issue at a young age and a eating disorder I think. She needs some food and to dress her self age appropriate
    Ok, u cant know about the eating disorder unless u rlly know. im 15, weigh 95 lbs. ive been skinny all my life, but i eat like a horse, and love food, and DONT throw it all up afterwards. so stop hating on naturally skinny ppl

  • Anonymous

    the red head girl has big slut issue at a young age and a eating disorder I think. She needs some food and to dress her self age appropriate.

  • CherryHannah

    You’re right about the slut issue. She acts as if she’s older than her actual age.

  • Peekaboo


  • Anonymous

    if bella can get one…

  • ginagirl

    that’s so cute. they are besties. bella is adorable and my favorite on siu. i love that these girls stick together instead of turning on each other. soo many girls are cruel to on another like on this board. girls should stick together and stop being so petty and mean. they are good role models for young girls.