Selena, ‘I Haven’t Spoken To Justin..’

Selena didn’t talk to Justin since his security attack today.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck happened to the old oceanup owners?

  • Keepitreal

    …Okay thats nice

  • Anonymous

    i hope hes ok

  • Anonymous

    OU made the title sound like she hasnt spoken to him in awhile but reallyin the video she sounds like she is going to speak to him right after the interview

  • Anonymous

    Lol she’s like, “I haven’t spoken to him.” but inside, she’s like, “The little fucker didn’t tell me this!” and looks like she’s about to go figure out whats up…haha

  • oceanUP

    his feelings might be hurt inside but he’s not showing it on the outside.. hopefully he talks to selena soon to help him