Her concert was amazing and she was gorgeous! Before the show she had a lot of signed CDs you could buy at merch which was extremely nice. I have been to almost everyone: Miley 2 times Jonas 2 times etc but she was the best, she doesn’t disappoint. A show worth seeing! Her arm said ‘I am a dreamer, but you are just a dream.’ It’s from a neil young song :) VIDEO under!

  • kattt.

    Neil Young. <3

  • Anonymous

    Best place ever! Would have gone but i had exams :^(

  • Anonymous


  • xhaleylynn

    I went to this show! It was AMAZING. I’ve been to a ton of concerts but this was by far one of the best that I’ve seen, everything was so elaborate and played up. Definitely worth seeing her. :]

  • Anonymous

    has she written any new songs yet. She usually writes 5 or 6 new songs and puts them on a double album with her recent Cd’s music.

  • Disco.Is.Dead

    I love youuu

  • LoveeYou

    I’m going to one in 4 days! So excited!