Bella Thorne HTC EVO 3D LAUNCH


Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with you! She is very pretty but she needs to be more age appropriate. That is a dress you wear in your 20’s or 30’s. She is sexualizing herself wayyy to young. I wish her mom would stop her or her stylist would dress her more like Zandaya (cute, fashionable, age appropriate).

  • briannabieber

    Ugh I love her. Always have always will!

  • Anonymous69

    can can can i have her everything? gah? jealous!!!!

  • Anonymous

    People can you see.. she’s just 13 :| .. Why in the fucking world shes wearing a fucking clothes for woman !! .. And when she gets like 20 and above .. she’ll regrets it cuz shell never going to change her style .. look at her prev pictures and the Sexy Bikini [it called sexy bikini] .. What it she ?! 30?? 20?? 25??23?? 35?? FOR GOD SAKE NO SHE’S ONLY 13.!!!! why is she wearing HIGH HEELS cuz she’s short?? Its ok to be short and its one of the beauty marks like seriously .. She can wear only heels not.thay HIGH .. for crying out loud shes only 13 .. I gotta admit she`s pretty .. and she gotta wait to wear things or clothes like this … but everyone says she has a great personality .. And they didnt even met her .. i didnt judge her yet .. and i will never .. As they say dont judge a book by it cover unless you read it.. it ment dont judge a person by it look or picture unless you meet her/him ..

  • Anonymous

    . I totally love zendya … She’s acting her age !

  • copymonster

    can-can-can-can-can.. can i have her hair.


    I stan bella. Shes frickin hott!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    She’s 13…
    What the fuckery.

  • Anonymous

    she used to look like an old granny
    she’s cute now

  • Noo_Idea

    I like bella’s hair

  • peacelovehearts

    Her hair is fucking PERFECTION.

  • Anonymous

    That pic of her with the white background is the prettiest thing I’ve seen. Wow. Gahgeous. I like her more each time I see her.

  • Noo_Idea

    after looking at her pic …
    I kinda want a feather extension

  • Anonymous

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to skinny

  • JustinBieberWarrior

    she looks great in the second pic