Bella & Zendaya Meeting Selena Gomez

  • Anonymous

    bella is a whore

  • ImNotAnnoying

    No one cares about them.

  • Monster27

    Wow.. Why is there so much Bella hate? I mean I’m not a fan,but seriously.

  • teenvogue

    these will be the actors to end up like brittney and lindsay or just plain irrevelant. but actors like Haliee Stiendfield, Elle Fanning, and Chloe Moretz are so talented and will grow up to be Bridget Bardots and Audrey Hepburns!

  • Jake

    Bella is so awesome

  • Anonymous

    I love bella and shake it up! Irrelevant? Shake it up is the highest rated show on disney. Get a grip people. You have to get used to them. Their show is on top and I am happy for them.