Justin Bieber ARRIVES IN LA

  • Anonymous

    like 4 real why r dey so rude like go look at UR head f*cking uneven head.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh he didn’t literally mean he has a big head. It is a saying in other words to say he is conceited, stuck up now.

  • Keepitreal

    That paparazzi was annoying as fuck. He doesn’t wanna talk to you stfu. He looks good btw.

  • Biebers Lover

    Awww. Pore Justin<3

  • A Unicorn :D

    UGHHHH!!! He doesnt have a big head!!!!!!! His HAT was just down low so he doesnt have to see the paparazzi’s ugly faces!!!!!

  • lydiawow

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    like 4 real why r dey so rude like go look at UR head f*cking uneven head.

  • Bianca A.

    You know when the car stopped after the guy yelled out Justin got a big head I thought they were gonna run him over I was like yes then they didn’t and I was like damn maybe next time. Those guys are so annoying if the kid doesn’t want to talk you he doesn’t let him do him while you do you. It’s honestly pathetic how grown men and women chase after a kid who they don’t know just for money wow I’m confused bout the fact that someone can stalk someone for a living I really can’t understand that. Can someone anyone clarify that for me please cause I simply can not understand well i apologize for my rant but I had to put this out there so someone can please help me better understand that fact well Im done so peace

  • Anonymous