Ariana Grande Lady Marmalade LIVE

Featuring Patti LaBelle @ Ariana’s 18th birthday party. ‘Only Girl’ live under!

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    Her voice is okay

  • lydiawow

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    Not really she is just having fun at her party.

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    Why does Selena Gomez have three albums and Ariana none?


  • Phantom-Writer

    Those legs… *drool*

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    Jun 29, 2011 @ 07:12 pm
    Anonymous said:

    Why does Selena Gomez have three albums and Ariana none?

    because Ariana Grande is lazy.She has a record company ask her why.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone else has a birthday, she has an extravaganza? Geez, ok. We get it. Ariana thinks she is a goddess. NOT>

  • Anonymous

    Once again the guys outdo her in sexy. just saying. Screeeecchhh, yellll,, screeechhhhh.

  • memi trumps sel

    why isnt this girl a famous singer yet? this girl is amazing. I would buy her album in a heartbeat.

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  • Ariellasings

    I was at her birthday party, and I love her singing, but after seeing her live and meeting her, I have confirmed my suspicions about her.
    She is not a “sweet” “loving” “down-to-earth” girl. She is actually quite conceited, spoiled, and full of herself.
    It REALLY, REALLY, REALLY annoys me when brainless bandwagoner 12-15 year olds make twitter support accounts and obsess over her, because she’s “SOOO SWEEET” and “DOES SO MANY THING FOR HER FANS!”..because in reality, all she cares about is self-promotion.
    For instance, when she followed back like 4,000 fans, that’s not her being sweet…She said that if she gets to 300,000 followers, she’d do that. Obviously, these children then got her about 40,000 followers in a matter of just a week. That’s not being nice to her fans, that’s self promotion..any not-so-well-known-celebrity with a brain would figure to do something like that.
    When she comments back on a video someone made for her or something, how is that being “OHHH SOOO NICE?” It’s disgusting that all these children put her on this pedestal where a comment from her is flattering. Newsflash: any and every human on earth can take 3mins out of their day to watch/comment a youtube video.

    Also, she’s not exactly gorgeous, she wears fake eyelashes everyday, and has full makeup on everywhere she goes.

    One thing I won’t deny is that she is a very good singer, but it’s mean to bash Victoria and Miranda- Ariana had a theater background with about 12 years of vocal training, while Vic and Miranda have had just 5-6 years of non-theater training.

    Anyways, I could go on and on, but just know that she was very conceited, fake, and clearly ITCHING to leave during the meet & greets at which I’ve seen her (3 diff ones). I even heard her say to her grandparents “I cannot believe the patience I have!” at her birthday party meet & greet, because she thought I was one of the employees.

    Anyways, I know you will all tell me I’m jealous, blahblah blah, and that I’m lying, but just know that I am not: I just think it’s sickening when children pour their lives into “supporting” a young celebrity who doesn’t need/notice/care about them..

    Get a hobby aside from idolizing ordinary humans with extraordinary luck.

    That is all, BYE!

  • nickjonasboobs

    love her

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    OMG!!! Since when is screaming singing??? Both her & patty sound like someone is killing them. UGH. Screech, Schreech.

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  • tobbyhot

    She is looking great but I think she only sings why don’t she try in some new movies of this era. She can definitely rock.

  • taylorsromeo

    That was amazing.

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  • askashley

    she surely puts miranda and victoria to rest at singing !

  • Jessica

    Killer riffs from both ladies! I like that they were trying to let the other “show off” her vocal skills. So modest! <3 Loved it!

  • Beautiful0love

    Amazing she should make a record id totally buy it. She has an fantastic voice.