• loveyoulikealovesong

    This kid is irrelevant.

  • kaygirl

    oh my gosh he looks like an exact mini version of his father! spitting image!

  • Hibz.

    Jun 29, 2011 @ 08:45 am
    Anonymous said:
    the fugly jonas lol
    seriously? the kid is adorable. EVERYONE goes through that “awkward” or whatever stage when they’re young. just wait til he gets a little older, I’ll bet ya he’ll be quite the spunky monkey ;D

  • Anonymous

    Seems like fun!

  • Anonymous

    the fugly jonas lol

  • jana

    wow making fun of a kid is just soo mature! go find yourelf a hobby ;)

  • syu46

    hahaha so cute!!

  • Anonymous

    he not ugly he is just not that cute

  • Anonymous

    How can you pick on a kid? He seems like he’s so sweet. What if he ever read this?