Logan Lerman Three Musketeers Trailer

  • loveyoulikealovesong

    I LOVEEE HIM~~~ !!! >:D

  • Anonymous

    followed u on twitter – so was logan good in this movie?hope it wasn’t boring. You’re so lucky to have seen the test screening for 3 Musketeers

  • Anonymous

    I’ve already seen it and it is amazing! :D and I love Logan Lerman!!

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  • Anonymous

    this cast! esp Logan Lerman christoph and matthew plus ray stevenson of rome. trailer seems a bit over the top but it looks like a lot of fun

  • Anonymous

    Logan Lerman actually looks good with long hair – guess he can’t help it lol. oh and he’s a much better actor than Zac Efron see him in 310 to yuma and my one and only, a lot of potential there. Also can’t wait to see him as charlie in perks of being a wallflower

  • howie

    Oh little Logan Lerman from Jack and Bobby is all grown up and looking really good. Must see this.

  • Demiandmileylove

    This looks good , and Logan looks even handsome with long hair !

  • PermanantDecemberXO

    I want to see this

  • kary_redfern

    I love Orlando Bloom, even with the silly hair.
    I try to like Lerman, but I just can’t
    He reminds me too much of Zac Efron, in his acting only.
    And looks wise he is kind of plain looking.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but his acting is nothing like Zac’s. He’s played a great variety of roles and he’s a ver talented kid. (Not that Zac isn’t but he tends to stick to the same kind of characters) I’m so excited that he’s starting to get the recognition he deserves :)

  • Anonymous

    he looks really handsome with that hair !

  • Anonymous

    I love logan lerman! I hope to see more of him on oceanup!

  • Anonymous

    Love Logan Lerman^^ can’t wait to see it!