• Anonymous

    He sits like a girl. He secretly takes it in the ass people. he’s undercover gay.

  • Anonymous

    There’s nothing wrong with the way he sits. He has short legs. So it looks funny when he crosses them. It doesn’t make him gay.

  • Anonymous

    Lucky Delta.

  • xxxsingxxx

    ugh i hate that all they ever say about kevin is that he is “recently married”. he got married a year and a half ago. i know that’s still a short time but still, they need to make kevin seem more important

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  • Anonymous

    damn he’s NOT 19, he’s sooooo mature for his age o_O he’s like 30.

    anyways he’s HOT and smart, the perfect guy!

  • lydiawow

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    he’s NOT 19, he’s so mature for his age o_O he’s like 30.anyways he’s HOT and smart, the perfect guy!

  • tessaskylar

    crap. I hate him until the moment I hear him speak. why God whyyy?