Debby Ryan We Ended Right NEW SONG

  • Debby has talent, Bitches.

    Actually, this is her own work AND her own record company, Disney had nothing to do with it. Before you start hating, do a little bit of reserch. She’s better talent then alot of people on Disney.
    And also, I agree with Youdon’t needtoknow, CLEAN YOUR GOD DAMN EARS! It sounds NOTHING like Love The Way You Lie.
    This is nothing like Disney would do, this is original. And you all better get used to it cause this girl is going to go far, she is amazing and talented. She is no longer Debby, Dylan and Cole Sprouses side kick in SLOD, she is now Debby, talented and beautiful and amazing.
    (BTW, I love Dylan and Cole, used that sentence as a metephor…I love you Cole…)

  • Anonymous

    this sounds exactly like Love The Way You Lie!!! shes such a poser

  • Anonymous

    I dont know why but i cant stand her,
    i just dont like her……
    maybe its her eyes there tiny and black

  • Anonymous

    i dont get why every disney girl has to sing, like cant they just kepp to the acting. i guess auto-tune is the greatest thing that has ever happend to disney. (i mean some of them can sing)

  • Anonymous

    @above i completely agree with you, it’s ridiculous & not necessary for them to ALL sing -_- and i also believe auto tune would be used majority of the time.

  • sophieeee

    this sounds like a bad pg version of love the way you lie.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE this song! OMG its awesome!!! I don’t care if she is Disney or not Disney, iIt’s an awesome song and her voice sounds beautiful!

  • youdontneedtoknow

    you know what try to listen love the way you lie again you big loser deaf! its different all i an say is you don’t even know musics! see how the voice blend in? HAHA!! clean your ears!

  • disneyxo

    The song is okay, I wouldn’t listen to it again though.

  • Anonymous

    god can disney stop turning EVERY actress into a singer already.

  • Anonymous

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  • kaygirl

    this is actually really good, like a quality song a would listen to and not that crappy pop stuff disney tries to sell. But why do they have to make every actress into a “singer”?

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, awful.

  • lydiawow

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    when she sings “oh oh” she sounds a little like emily osment

  • Keepitreal

    I actually liked the song

  • Anonymous

    I really live this song i think its something different for her but its good

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty and good!

  • Anonymous

    when she sings “oh oh” she sounds a little like emily osment

  • Anonymous

    she is AMAZING! everything that she does! <3

  • Anonymous

    Shes good but so are alot of other people