Miley Cyrus Sydney Meet & Greet Photos


Miley’s fashion is such an inspiration!

  • MissSarah


  • Anonymous

    She’s cute and definately more Nick Jonas sized.

  • Anonym

    It’s funny how the fan looks like the star and Miley looks like the fan :P

  • omg wtf lolz


  • realistgangsta

    i think you look pretty

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    I’m sorry but this whole picture looks a mess.

  • Anonymous

    i think she’s a cutie xD

  • renee

    i love her outfit and hair

  • aussiesmiler

    OMG ITS ME AND MY FRIENDS! (im in the denim shorts and black jumper) :D

  • Mileylover

    Seriously miley? those shoes again?!!

    i really love miley but, come on, this time her outfit sucks U_U sorry

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  • xxxsingxxx

    they are talking about how the fan is dressed exactly how miley dresses at concerts. I think it is funny how everyone says miley doesn’t look cute in this picture just because she isn’t dressed like a hooker and actually looks like a normal teenage girl

  • Anonymous

    “Miley’s fashion is such an inspiration!”
    OU, are you mocking her? this is not the best outfit that she wears, there are like tons of her pictures wearing great clothes. so dont make miley like shes not fashionable cus she is :)

  • nickjonasboobs

    Jul 1, 2011 @ 11:16 am
    Anonymous said:
    nickjonasbobs your icon is disturbing

    Sorry for having boobs

  • foreverdevv

    Just asking….. how is this outfit an inspiration?

  • Anonymous

    i really love miley but, come on, this time her outfit sucks U_U sorry
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  • Sahina

    at least she’s dressed properly

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how will you people feel if there was someone that comments on the way you dress up !!

  • Anonymous

    it is an inspiration. She wears what she wants and always manages to make it look good because of her fun, outgoing personality.

  • teamnobody

    omg 0.o

  • Anonymous

    nickjonasbobs your icon is disturbing

  • WakaWakaEhEh


  • Keepitreal

    Oh god, that outfit is so hiddeous and them shoes don’t help, man that whole get up is awful dang.

  • Anonymous
  • JustxLeex

    she looks soo old o.O

  • Anonymous

    hahaha i love oceanups comments

  • nickjonasboobs

    iron maiden