Rebecca Black TOPS Bieber On Twitter


Top Pop Culture Twitter Trending Topics for 2011 so far: Rebecca Black – pop singer, Femme Fatale – newly-released Britney Spears album, Charlie Sheen – actor, #tigerblood – hashtag popularized by Charlie Sheen,

Nate Dogg – rapper, Anderson Silva – Brazilian mixed martial artist, Tom & Jerry – famous cartoon, Mumford & Sons – British rock band, Bieber alert – referring to artist Justin Bieber, Queen Gaga – referring to artist Lady Gaga.

  • WTH

    she’s STUPID…Why do peeps only care for money? Which record company thinks she has a good voice…(if it can be considered as a record company)…there are too many talented teens out there..hello?

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting how beliebers always complain about people hating on Justin when they’re hating on Rebecca…back off you evil twats jk jk lol

  • Anonymous

    and what about all the jonas TTs ?

  • Anonymous

    UHHHH DUDES THE ONLYYYYY REASON THAT IS TRUE IS because of her FUDGED UP SONG ( that even a 2 year old would find stupid ) AND i remember that BEFORE TWITTER BLOCK JUSTIN BIEBER from trending HE was a TT EVERYDAY !! ( LITERALLY EVERYDAY )
    just saying that this article is RIDICULOUS

  • Keepitreal

    How could this have happened. Her ass isn’t even suppose to be on the list!

  • Anonymous

    Her face annoys me.

    I wanna punch it.

  • Anonymous

    No one cares about this bitch anymore. Post someone relevant. On to the next one.

  • lydiawow

    he Bieber Empire is slowing falling down. LOL!But it’s not a shock considering the fact that Twitter Blocked Bieber From the TTs. (I hate the kid, but I’m just making a point)
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  • Just Smile

    Amazing. Even Rebecca Black pwns Bieber. :)

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    Keepitreal said:

    How could this have happened. Her ass isn’t even suppose to be on the list!
    When Friday came out, her name trended for almost a month straight. Or at least, that’s what it seemed like.

  • freeasmyhair

    waah i’m so glad! i love rebecca. justin’s nothinglol

  • David Stephen

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  • Anonymous

    Um why -_- it’s not like anyone was saying anything positive who cares who said what
    And no one cares about her anymore -_-

  • Anonymous,natusia75 look . rebecca it’s …..

  • nickjonasboobs


  • Anonymous

    ughhh why’s she still getting attention? she’s no one decently famous.

  • CandiceVS
  • Keepitreal

    She trended for 2 weeks but still

  • Justin Biber

    she can’t even sing wow those followers should follow me insted

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    STFU bieber stans

  • Anonymous

    what the fucckkk!! she funcking sucks ….. whateva she is just a goody goddy gal! stop the news bout’ rebecca and get a move on with Jelena relationship!!!

  • Anonymous

    omg. she needs to go away.

    btw twitter blocks ALOT of people off the trending topics (which in my opinion is so fucking stupid).

  • Untouchable


  • Anonymous

    yeah but it was tt making fun&ppl like gettin 2 kno her.he tt much more,she like did once.js.

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    Bahaha. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    &y do they have 2 she topped biebs,she topped more ppl,they have 2 put him 2 get

  • xJoeJonasGirlx

    Ha okay interesting

  • askashley

    The Bieber Empire is slowing falling down. LOL!
    But it’s not a shock considering the fact that Twitter Blocked Bieber From the TTs. (I hate the kid, but I’m just making a point)

  • Anonymous

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