Joe Jonas @ Merah club in London. Photos: WENN.

  • JoeHoe15

    DE-LI-CIOUS. ;)

  • Anonymous

    will he please just grow his fking hair out? geez. he might as well shave his head off -_-‘

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the buzzcut on the sides thing really isn’t flattering. It makes his head look super long.

    Seems like he turns into a new person every few months (depending on who he’s dating/hanging around, I guess?). I hope he doesn’t stay too long in this side-buzz cut/”look at me drinking and partying. I’m SO grownup!”/tryhard/Justin Timberlake 2.0 wannabe phase he’s in right now. :/

    I really don’t want him back w/Taylor. I think she can do MUCH better (and has). But I do kinda like him too and I think she would be a good influence on him. And maybe make him likeable to me again…

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  • Anonymous

    sexy guy

  • Anonymous2@

    god he is sooo fuc*able.get in my bed now!

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  • Anonymous

    so unattractive!

  • Anonymous

    ok he is a good looking guy, he has always been but there’s something wrong with him like for the past 8 months, he looks bad, he looks sick, I don’t know whats wrong with him but he looks like another person no the healthy happy joe jonas we all know, compared to the beginning of 2010 he’s lost tons of weight

  • Anonymous

    Joe has the best style of his generation!
    blue & black = perfect combination

  • xJoeJonasGirlx

    Uh okay…

  • xJonasXCandyx


  • Anonymous

    I will forever hate Frankmuzic for making Joe cut his hair like that. -__- lmao

    But his face is still beautiful.

  • Anonymous
  • yelyah

    since he went solo i feel attracted to him

  • Anonymous

    absolutely handsome

  • Anonymous

    he is awesome

  • Anonymous

    so fuglyyy.

  • SoSelenalicious

    He looks kinda pale..