Selena Gomez Private MEET & GREET

From Katherine: My friend Claire won a contest through Selena’s Facebook for a private meet and greet and I was her very lucky +1! We got taken backstage at HMV and all got to take pictures and get things signed. After us Selena then did a signing for 400+ people, she was extremely beautiful and nice I talked to her about how great her new CD was and she thanked me graciously.

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    Selena dont know anything about Demi.

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  • Anonymous

    people exxagerates with selena I didn’t see her go out of her way to be nice to the girls. she just took a picture and that’s it.

  • Anonymous

    Selena Gomez to fuck pregnant? look –>

  • JustCatchDemi

    OMG that’s me! Haha

  • Katherine

    I didn’t film the part where I actually got to meet Selena because I didn’t want to shove a camera in her face. We did speak, and she did go out of her way to be nice to us so :) x

  • Anonymous

    hahaha the girl with the demi t-shirt lmao

  • Anonymous
  • James

    The girl in this video is really beautiful. I’m glad she got to meet Selena.

  • Anonymous

    this is cute :)

  • Anonymous

    Selena dont know anything about Demi…

  • Anonymous

    Selena dont know anything about Demi…
    At least she didn’t say “Ask Miley.”

  • shamilah

    Aww those girls are soo lucky! love the video :) i entered the same comp, but didn’t win sadly. but happy for them.

  • Anonymous

    that was so cute.i wish i can met selena one day.

  • Anonymous

    Nice one kid showing up at a Selena Gomez M&G wearing a Demi Lovato T-Shirt LMAO