Emily Osment DRIFT Cyberbully Song

  • Anonymous

    Song sucks.

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  • Husky

    I love this song. Even though she’s rather irrelevant at least she’s doing something different. Props

  • yup, it’s an essay

    I really like Emily. if I were her manager I’d try to steer her career in a different direction.
    The whole disney formula to make EVERY disney star “sing”/”act”(/and sometimes “dance”) has kind of ruined it for the people who can actually do some of those things, pretty well – like Emily. I imagine most people would say “oh, another disney star who things she can sing/dance/act” before they see if she can actually do these things; they’re never taken seriously, and rarely reach their potential.
    What I would propose, if I was Emily’s manager, is to concentrate on her acting. She’s a really, really good actress. She could get so far and get deeper more meaningful roles. It’ll be much easier for her, since she’s not as infused with the hannah montanna brand.
    Then fast forward to when she’s a fabulous oscar winning actress, she can do some musicals, do guest vocals on songs, or form her own band on the side while still maintaining a fantastic career.
    I should so be her manager…LOL

  • yup, it’s an essay..but not now

    Forgot to say, this is a vey nice song.

  • livingoutloud

    This is good.

  • Anonymous

    The song is so slow I almost fell asleep! This is better than Emily trying to be another sex promo girl.

  • Monster27

    Seems hypnotizing.. she needs more exposure. :)

  • Emma

    That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking about her :)