Harry Potter Deathly Hallows P2 Premiere

  • Anonymous

    so i’m in hot topic and i see the big Deathly Hallows display and i’m just SHITTING MY PANTS. so.excited.
    wen people are like “how was it?” i’m gonna be like “oh.my.god. i was just sitting there. watching it. shitting my brains out.”
    that’s how excited i am.

  • Anonymous

    she is looking cool in this picture.. http://www.moviesfunzone.com/download-harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-2-movie Enjoy the movie from here

  • Anonymous

    I’m carying like a baby. I can not really believe it’s over. I am so sad that I cried for a month i feel so sad.

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!! best saga ever! cant believe its gonna end fast.. im gonna cry a lot. its very impressive seen all of them so big

  • MwahMiley

    How come the lack of comments? I’ve never been so excited for any movie before! Gonna see it on the 14th. The whole cast looked so beautiful yesterday, I watched the whole thing live. I loved every single outfit, but I wish OU would’ve showed Evanna Lynch, too because she looked absolutely stunning!

  • SavvySays

    I’m gonna cry like a baby. I can’t believe it ends next week :( They’ve grown and changed so much!

  • Amber

    I fucking cried like a baby during Emma’s speech

  • Anonymous

    fuck upp ugly harry potter shit

  • sophieeee

    I am not prepared for this to end D:

  • Anonymous

    Awe, look at all of them! They’re so grown up, it’s crazy. Emma looks beautiful and Rupert looks handsome as always.

    Dan…eh, but I still love him. :P

  • Anonymous

    emma is far too beautiful to wear such an understated dress. this one kind of washes her out. granted, more low-key is her style, but this girl can be so glamorous…she should’ve worn a darker colored dress! gorgeous nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

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  • kaygirl

    shouldn’t THIS (http://oceanup.com/photogallery?nid=46141&fid=311146) be the main pic??

    But anyway omg i’m not prepared for it to end either! ;(

  • Anonymous

    did you call emmas dress understated?!? shes wearing a freaking tutu for goodness, how more overstated can you be, lol. i agree about the coloe but shes so gorgeous she can wear a trash bag and look great.

    and ginny looks amazing! i never thought she was attractive but she looks really stunning in these pics!