Tiffany Thornton On Demi Lovato Progress

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  • Anonymous

    i think tiffany is a really good person and demi should more hang out with her and friends like tiffany and not with the wrong crowd she is hanging out lately..
    she was such a nice girl and the demi we all know before she started hanging out with fake friends who try to use her for their own benefit..

  • Monster27


  • Anonymous

    aww that was nice of her to say

  • Anonymous

    I agree… I love Demi and just don’t want her to get hurt by people she thinks are her friends, using her.By the way …Tiffany is SO sweet. :)

  • Anonymous

    she’s soo pretty and sweet. demi def needs to hang out with her more. umm who’s the fiance?!?!?! loovve u tiffany!

  • Just Smile

    Aww, she’s such a cutie, seriously. :) I wish Demi & her could be best friends. I really prefer Tiffany instead of Hanna Beth.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer Hanna to Tiffany.

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