Debby Ryan American Cheerleader Hottie


Debby Ryan will be American Cheerleader‘s fall cover girl! The angel wings

she’s wearing took three people to put on her and weighed over 20 pounds!

  • Anonymous

    she is so cool, talented and beautiful

    i can’t wait to see Jessie

  • Anonymous

    Hottie? Look at her. Not very graceful. I guess fame comes with a price. lol

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  • Anonymous

    really? atleast get a real cheerleader like Erica Englebert or Kelsey Rule.

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    After seeing her on DCG and how her personality is. I don’t really like her anymore…

  • Anonymous

    what happened to jessie?

  • Anonymous

    I love her! Can’t wait to see her show Jessie!

  • Anonymous

    lol at the second pic haha

  • Anonymous

    Aww she’s pretty cute! I wanna watch her new show so badly can’t wait she has talent!

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