Pixie Lott All About Tonight NEW SONG

  • youpaintmeabluesky

    I love her voice and I think she’s so talented, but I don’t really like her music style. Also, I prefer another songs by her which lyrics are deeper than these…
    well, we’ll see… looking forward to a new album! (:

  • Anonymous

    Love it!!!!

  • wanggang 520 .qian

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  • xGottaLoveOU?

    Love all her songs :D

  • LiVe LoVe LiFe

    pixie lott came to our school about 2 years ago before she was famous shes such a good singer live,but i just dont like her style of music.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, this sucks ass. Too much auto-tune that’s just a computer singing sounds just like Kesha’s fake voice machine lol.

  • live laugh love123

    LOVE IT!!! I havent heard many songs from her lately im glad she back :D