Very Happy 22nd Birthday David Henrie!


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  • JoeHoe15

    Happy birthday hottie!!! <3

  • oheythere

    woww…. thats some abs…. for a disney star… niiicceeeee XD c; E:

  • bluemonday

    Happy Birthday baby!!! Lol.
    I looooooove David. <3

  • katerinitta

    Happy Birthday to David.
    It`s my birtday too.

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday david hernie,enjoy your day.

  • NadiaAf23

    YAY!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday David!

  • xafranbix

    HPBD hot hot hottie.

  • Anonymous

    Aw <3

  • xafranbix

    anyone else got mixed feelings for July 15th to come? Like i can’t wait to watch the movie but idk what to do when it’s over lol

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous