Harry Potter Cast American Accent CHAT

  • laceyxox

    Why the hell does Rupert keep slowing down as he reads? It’s hilarious haha. love these guys.

  • Anonymous

    LOL this is funny. They are awesome but the only part that I didn’t like is that they made them sing a miley song!

  • Anonymous

    Can someone post the video? I can’t see it on here.

  • Anonymous

    haha! Rupert @Kim Kardashian .. WOW! :D How can Tom not recognise Robert Pattinson? He was in one of the HP movies! :D haha.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO RUPERT: “These are chewy?” so cute. like “chewy” cookies don’t exist all over the world.

  • Anonymous

    rob pattison was in harry potter too… lol

  • Anonymous

    haha Rupert would fail at being an Amercan :) I <3 Tom Felton :)

  • angelsmith90

    Here you can enjoy the full movie with high definition quality.

  • SaltyBubblegum

    This is so hilarious… :)

  • Anonymous

    Rob Pattinson he’s British! hahahahaha XD

  • nickarzen

    This is so amazing.. You can enjoy the whole movie this site http://harrypotter7movie.blogspot.com/

  • Anonymous

    ! Hilarious mon. ;)

  • Anonymous

    cherrios dude, support harry potter and go to the theaters.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO! i can’t stop luaghing!

  • kary_redfern

    I LOVE TOM!!
    He is my only celebrity crush… since movie 1.
    I love them , Matt, Rupert and Tom are quite funny all time.
    And Tom and Matt are always being funny.

    I don’t get why people are just seeing how good Matt looks, he has been look like that, for quite sometime now.

  • Anonymous

    LOL mad funny :)
    love tom and rupert, and matthew too !!

  • bleach

    this is HILARIOUS.
    these guys, so amazing.

  • LesleyrockLovesJonas

    hhahaha this is hilarious! x]

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha fail at the Rob Pattinson part… seeing as he’s British and not American.

  • EvaSnow

    Anonymous said:

    Hahaha fail at the Rob Pattinson part… seeing as he’s British and not American.
    I hope you realize that Josh was being sarcastic throughout the whole video. That was just a joke.

  • Monster27

    Freedom Language.. lol

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    robert pattinson was in harry potter and the globet of fire ahahah