Ashley Greene leaving her intense working in Studio City. Photos: Fame.

  • Monica

    I love Ashley Greene she so pretty even when she’s sweating like that. Her body is gorges too I’m jealous

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that bugs me about her is she’s constantly like “I LOVE MY CURVES, CURVY GIRLS ARE BEAUTIFUL”
    That’s great and all but she has zero curves.

    She’s a beautiful healthy woman, but there are no curves.

  • Just Smile

    Who cares?

  • Anonymous

    she always looks sooo bad after working out..
    ashley tisdale always looks soo pretty after

  • Anonymous

    at least ashley looks like she actually do intense workouts. I mean… look at her legs. Ashley is just a skinny little girl.

  • Anonymous

    at least ashley looks like she actually do intense workouts.
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  • Anonymous

    ahhaha are those sweatmarks

  • Anonymous

    Sweaty crotch ….. nice!

  • Anonymous

    i like the other ashley way better (even if shes a slut for the zac thing)

  • Anonymous

    ashley greene looks so weird with her hair in a bun…like a little elf….lol…

  • ME :)

    Yayyyyyyy!!! OU Ashley G. post!!! i like her! :) hope she and joe come back together someday that’s would be nice :) :) :)

    Btw. why you don’t make her own spot here on OU if you’re gonna keep talking about her after the whole Jashley thing?


  • Anonymous

    I don’t like her legs… ewww!!