Kevin Jonas LIVE CHAT Behind Scenes

So random..

  • Anonymous

    I checked out deleasa .com cant wait to hear more. mickey your doing great.I like your music.

  • Anonymous

    If the Jonas Brothers were still together, as in not on a break, I feel like this is what they would be like.

    But this was seriously an awesome chat, Josh Peck lives, and Mikey is so talented! And Kevin just glows now that he’s married, I think it’s fantastic and he’s still so humble, unlike Joe, and I love it


  • JoeHoe15

    Mikey is probably one of the Jonas Brothers. I mean, look at his handsome face! He kinda looked like Joe sometimes. ;)

  • maaola
  • Anonymous

    Hey, no picking on Danielle. But this was kind of sad. Felt like it should have been the Jonas Brothers But two of the faces have changed. And they are missing the serious one.

  • Anonymous

    josh looks really good, he lost a ton of weight and he’s an attractive young man now, good for him

  • Anonymous

    i love how hot Josh got over the last couple years

  • whatsthedilio

    how can i love kevin and josh so much
    so lovelyy

  • thedarksunshine

    No one would have predicted that Josh Peck would be extremely attractive in a few years…

  • OhMy…

    Hahaha Kev looks so hot!! Don’t know who the hell is Josh and Mikey’s song is amazing..

  • OhMy…

    OH.MY.GOD. ….. Now I know who Josh Peck is… OMJ! He looks so different!!

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  • marian

    Josh Peck??!
    i loved Drake & Josh. Good memories. flashback!